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Your time travel adventure begins here! Play the world’s first interactive family web series where you and a time travelling odd couple embark on a life-changing adventure.

Professor S. is a multiplatform educational game for children at age 10-14 years through online panels and an actual Time Portal device used during classes with a teacher. It includes Student's Panel, Teacher's Panel and Time Portal Panel.

As a graphic designer I was responsible for designing visual identity for the game: creating main characters and their environment (> Professor S. gallery), screen design for all the panels (Professor S. gallery), info illustrations used in the process of playing game.

Professor S. won the German Computer Game Award 2016 in the category “Best Serious Game”. 

#screen design #illustration #branding #editorial

Client: LudInc

Promotional materials:

Time Portal - Setup Guide:

Quick Guides printed as little booklets: